Monthly Economic Update: October 2019



Hey, everyone! This is Derek Merkler, the Military Financial Advisor, with my economic update for October 2019.

I’ll be discussing headlines from September and offer some perspective on those headlines.

Last month saw some jitters, but investors saw more upside than downside with the S&P 500 gaining 1.7 percent. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose nearly 2 percent, the Nasdaq Composite less than 0.5 percent.[1]Read More »

Tip of the Week: 100 Points on the Dow Ain’t What They Used To Be


Hey everyone! I’m Derek Merkler, the military financial advisor and in this Tip of the Week, let’s time travel back to August of 2019 when U.S. stock markets had multiple weeks of losses since the highs of the month before.  During this time, we saw financial headlines along the lines of “Why the world turned bearish today” and “The Dow dropped 600 points!”  We saw a lot of fear-mongering with intentionally misleading headlines.Read More »

Rental Property Depreciation Isn’t Optional

Tip of the Week



Hello, Derek Merkler, the military financial advisor here with this week’s tip of the week.  The topic for this video is a trend I’m seeing amongst veterans who own rental properties.  If you are watching this video, you may or may not own a rental property, but you likely know that a common investment strategy for military veterans is to buy homes at each duty station to which they are assigned over the course of their career and then rent out those homes when they move to a new duty station.Read More »

Dow Logs 8-Day Win Streak

Weekly Commentary — September 16th, 2019

The Week on Wall Street

Stocks edged toward all-time peaks during a relatively calm week marked by easing trade tensions. Friday marked the eighth straight daily advance for the Dow Jones Industrial Average.[1]

Small-cap shares, as tracked by the Russell 2000 index, rose 4.85% in five days. The S&P 500 improved 0.96% for the week, while the Dow and Nasdaq Composite respectively advanced 1.57% and 0.91%. Foreign shares added 1.22%, according to the MSCI EAFE index.[2],[3],[4]

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