Bear Market Investing: You’re Doing It Wrong!



Hey, everyone!  It’s certainly been an interesting few weeks in financial markets.  As I record this video in March 2020, U.S. stocks are in a bear market, the first “official” bear market since 2009, though there were plenty of interruptions along the way.  The proximate cause of this bear market is the coronavirus and associated economic disruption.

But this video applies to bear markets regardless of the cause… and I imagine that I’ll share it again in the future.Read More »

The Lost Cause of New Year’s Resolutions



Hey, Derek Merkler, The Military Financial Advisor here to wish you a happy new year! Well… not only that but happy new decade!!!

With the new year come new year’s resolutions! Unfortunately, as you may know from the news or your own experience, most people do not succeed with their resolutions.  Look at gym attendance in January versus the rest of the year! And, since I’m recording this video at the end of January, most people have already abandoned their resolutions.Read More »

Tip of the Week: How to Destroy Your Wealth


Hey everyone, I’m Derek Merkler, the Military Financial Advisor with your tip of the week.  The topic for this week is how to destroy your wealth.

Last week, I spoke to a gentleman (I’ll call him Bob) who contacted me regarding my financial planning services.  He was recounting his experience with a financial advisor in the past and his chief complaint was that his investments were losing value.Read More »

Tip of the Week: 100 Points on the Dow Ain’t What They Used To Be


Hey everyone! I’m Derek Merkler, the military financial advisor and in this Tip of the Week, let’s time travel back to August of 2019 when U.S. stock markets had multiple weeks of losses since the highs of the month before.  During this time, we saw financial headlines along the lines of “Why the world turned bearish today” and “The Dow dropped 600 points!”  We saw a lot of fear-mongering with intentionally misleading headlines.Read More »