Guest Post: A Veteran’s Guide to Saving on Your Home Purchase

**The following blog article is a guest post from summarizing a much more detailed article on the topic of home buying for Veterans.**

Home buying is a complex process to navigate for anyone. But for those who served, it can prove to be even more confusing when VA Loans, non-allowable fees, and other discounts come into play. has everything you need to know to maximize your savings as you hunt for home-sweet-home.

Save with a VA Loan

It may seem obvious, but surveys show that a third of veterans were unaware of the VA loan program. Advantages to this program include no required down payment, no PMI, and better mortgage rates. Experts suggest veterans look into this loan option even if they’re unsure if they’re qualified. You’ll need to follow these steps:Read More »

5 Retirement Mistakes Small-Business Owners Make

And How to Avoid Them


Small-business owners are an essential component of keeping America’s economy churning. In the United States, small businesses with 500 or fewer employees make up 99.7% of companies.

Too often, however, small-business owners spend so much time and energy building their companies, they neglect their personal financial futures. They might consider their companies to be their retirement plans, but don’t create the structure or strategy necessary for turning financial success into a meaningful retirement.

With this report, our goal is to help business owners avoid costly mistakes and confidently plan for the retirement they deserve.Read More »

2019 Annual Letter to Clients

In January, I sent out the following letter to all of my clients offering perspective on the events of 2018 and the year ahead.  Enjoy!

Dear Client:

I want to open this letter by wishing you and your family a happy new year! Thank you for continuing to trust me on your path to financial independence and wealth.

2018 was indeed an interesting year in financial markets. After reaching highs in January, world stocks trended down for the rest of the year.  That reality went unnoticed in our friendly financial media as U.S. stock markets rebounded from their February lows.  The year ended with a bang, though, as the S&P 500 fell 17% by December 31st from its September high.  As that happened, our dependable media prognosticators certainly sounded the crisis alarm with comparisons to the financial crisis and the Great Depression!

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The countdown begins. Once the clock rolls us into 2019, tax season gets underway. The old calendar year, 2018, will have been put officially to rest. Deductions from paychecks and other income sources will begin counting for the New Year. Once it’s 2019, we can celebrate, and look to even better days ahead. But we dare not neglect our obligations to the old year. On January 1, it’ll be 104 days to April 15, 2019. That’s the deadline the IRS sets for tax returns. If you miss that deadline, you may face consequences.


While April 15, 2019 looks pretty much the same as any other day on the calendar, it marks the official end of 2018 for the American taxpayer (for the most part). In retrospect, 2018 has rolled across a very different fiscal landscape. Previous years bare only slight resemblance to 2018 on a number of fronts.Read More »